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New for Hessle:

1 Hour Walk – Starting Friday 17th March 2023 at 10.30am, every Friday (except Bank Holidays) until 26th June 2023.

Walking For Health

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East Yorkshire Tuesday Walkers




Our group, known as the Tuesday Walkers (because we walk on Tuesdays), began life nearly 40 years ago as a group of friends who liked to walk together. Over the years there have been many changes to the membership and organisers resulting in many variations in the personalities of the members and the group’s dynamics.


Because we walk on a weekday the majority of the group tend to be retired or semi retired. However, some members work and manage to arrange a day off in order to join us. We are a diverse group of people who come from many different occupations and life experiences.


Our walks range from East to North Yorkshire with excursions across the water to Lincolnshire.

During the summer we organise three walks each Tuesday. One walk is in East Yorkshire and one in North Yorkshire (though the boundaries tend to be blurred) which are usually 9-10 miles long. Some walks have a shorter option. The third walk, organised by Genny, is 3-5 miles long. They usually have a pub lunch at the end of the walk.

In the winter we will on occasions not have a North Yorkshire walk because of reduced daylight time and possible adverse weather conditions.

Once a year we hope to organise a day coach trip to the Dales or Derbyshire for one 10 mile and one 5 mile walk.


The terrain of each walk is very variable and can range from virtually flat to some challenging climbs. Members are encouraged to contact the coordinator of the walk for clarification if necessary.


We travel by car to the start of the walks and car sharing is encouraged. It may be appropriate to offer to share fuel costs. The walks start promptly at 10.0 am. At about 11.0 am we have a coffee break and eat our packed lunches at about 12.30. We often have a short break in the afternoon. Following the walk, if there is a suitable pub or teashop nearby, we may retire there before the homeward journey.

It is the policy of the group that the speed of the walk is dictated by the slowest walker so you may sometimes have to wait for them to catch up. It is essential that we keep in contact with each other for safety reasons and to help each other over difficult bits.


Please click on the link to open the list of walks scheduled for April – June:

East Yorkshire Tuesday Walkers – April-June 2023

For more information or to contact the Tuesday Walkers, please go to their website:


Bridgehead Business Park Woodland Walk

Did you know there is a wildlife paradise on the doorstep?

There is a woodland nature trail located at the Bridgehead business park.

Developed by Hull-based regeneration company, Wykeland Group, 50-acre Bridgehead is one of the UK’s greenest and most sustainable business parks, home to over 8,000 shrubs and hedgerows, 4,500 herbs and bulbs and more than 200 trees.

The wildlife paradise was planned and delivered with several partners, including Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT), which manages the woodland trail and preserves the existing habitat to encourage further local wildlife and maintain flora and fauna.

The 1km nature trail runs through mature woodland and is home to many different species of bird such as green woodpecker, blackcap and wren. It is also home to many insects and mammals such as deer and rabbits.

To involve the local community Wykeland teamed up with local schools to create the A Home for Nature project which uses public art to animate the forest pathway, with the artworks themselves providing beautiful and striking homes for birds, insects and small mammals.

On display among the birdboxes, insect hotels and mosaic eggs which populate the woodland walkway is one of the giant moth sculptures forming part of the Amy Johnson Festival’s Moth Trail. The trail consists of more than 50 giant moths in locations across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Complementing the moth sculpture at Bridgehead is a collection of ‘mini-moth’ sculptures created by pupils at Hessle High and nine ‘techno mini-moth’ sculptures which were created using found objects, including bicycle cogs and electrical components.


Wykeland Bridgehead 2 (002) Bridgehead woodland trail, Hessle, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 01 July, 2016. Pictured: Moth Sculpture Celebrations, All Saints Primary School

Bridgehead Woodland Trail Map (002)


Public Rights of Way in the East Riding of Yorkshire