All requests for new bins must be received from residents either in writing or by email and the request must demonstrate why there is the need for a bin in the location suggested. Hessle Town Council has no legal duty, but does have the powers to provide litter bins on public highways and land. We are unable to provide bins on private land or along tenfoots.

Since changes to the classification of wastes, dog waste can and should now be put into normal litter bins to be disposed of in the same way, there is no need for separate dog waste bins.

Whilst the Town Council is committed to helping provide sufficient bins to help discharge the East Riding of Yorkshire Councils responsibilities under the Environmental Act 1990 to keep Council owned land and public highways clear of litter and refuse, due to the costs of providing and installation, bins will only be considered and located in areas where it can be demonstrated that there is a genuine need for one. All locations suggested must be agreed by both the Town Council and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Waste and Collection Service.

Litter Bin