Postal Address:                Town Hall, South Lane, Hessle, HU13 0RR

Email:                                   htc@hessletown.karoo.co.uk   

Website:                             www.hessletowncouncil.gov.uk

Town Clerk:                        Mrs Kim Cooper

 Expenditure April 2020 to March 2021

Type Budget 2019/2020 Budget 2020/2021
Staffing costs 66,600 63,600
Town Hall running costs 66,650 63,800
Less Town Hall Income (50,000) (50,000)
Office Cost inc Newsletter etc. 23,750 24,750
Christmas Lights, Floral Displays 19,044 22,450
CCTV Maintenance & additions   5,000   5,000
Community Donations 18,000 22,000
Skate Park & MUGA maintenance   3,500   3,500
Civic & Community events  2,300   2,300
Allotments costs, less rents  5,500   5,700
Town Hall renovation costs 42500
Total  160,344  204,300

2020/2021 Band D Cost = £40.36 = 26.2% Increase in Hessle Town Council Precept.

 NOTE 1.  As a result of prudent budgeting the Town Council has been able to allocate funds from its Reserves to meet future needs, such as extensions to our CCTV system, improving the Christmas Lights event, supporting Youth Clubs and Youth activities, providing new Litter Bins following requests from residents, supporting Community Events such as the Soap Box Derby and the Hessle Market and when completed, leasing and looking after the Tower Hill Memorial Park.

NOTE 2.  We have also set aside funds to continue the 183 Hessle Town Bus service.

NOTE 3.  We are also undertaking a major refurbishment of the much-used and valued Town Hall after the Consultation was completed last year with all residents.

NOTE 4. The Town Council continues to hold in Reserve the amount precepted in 2013/14 to ensure that Car Parking Charges are not introduced in Hessle Car Parks.