Cllr John Bovill - Deputy Mayor of Hessle

photo of Councillor John Bovill

I have lived in East Yorkshire most of my life, and moved to Hessle 7 years ago. I work in the manufacturing industry, having recently acheived 25 years of service with a large coatings company. I was delighted to be elected as a Town Councillor in May 2015. I think Hessle is a great place to live. It has a very good housing mix and a good range of locally owned shops and businesses. Both myself and my wife like the community ‘feel’ to Hessle. Local government and local businesses are going through testing times at the moment but myself and colleagues will do our utmost to help Hessle maintain its unique character and help keep it a desirable place to live and do business.

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Councillor Bob Carroll - Vice Chairman of Hessle Town Council

Councillor Bob Carroll

Although not born in the area I came here in 1968 and have lived in Hull, Swanland, Ferriby, Brantingham, and finally for the last 4 years in Hessle. I have two children, one lives in Hessle and the other in New Zealand.I have been a Hull City season ticket holder since 1990 and am keen on most sports. I still play golf (Brough) and squash (North Ferriby) and am a keen cyclist.I was Chair of Governors at South Hunsley School for 4 years and spent many years on the Board of the British Printing Industries Federation. I have worked for the same company for 45 years in the printing and graphics industry and have no intention of retiring in the near future.This is my first venture into politics and although I have been a member of the Liberal Democrats for years, I am not really involved in party politics. I am much more interested in developing Hessle for the benefit of its residents, local businesses and the whole community.I believe that in order to have a vibrant community all of the interest groups need to work closely together. This includes residents, businesses, all community services, political parties and of course the council.In my first year as a councillor, I have been heavily involved in setting up the Foodbank in response to the COVID pandemic, worked to put the Community Centre on a much more stable footing to ensure its security for the future and am currently working on getting a 10-year strategy developed.

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Cllr Phil Davison - Chairman and Mayor of Hessle Town Council

Councillor Phil Davison

I have been involved in local politics since being elected to Beverley Borough Council in 1979 as a Liberal. I have also served on Hessle Town Council since 1996 representing the Westfield Ward. I have been Chairman of Finance and Planning Committees and of the Council. In 2007 I was elected to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

I have lived in Hessle for over 40 years and have recently retired from a career in accountancy and auditing. I will continue to listen to the views of Hessle people, representing them on the Council and will work to develop the traditional, distinctive community nature of Hessle.

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Councillor Nick Adams

photograph Nick Adams

I have lived and worked in Hessle for most of my life and believe it is a very good area to be. I was proud to be elected as a Councillor for Hessle Town Council and I am doing my best to improve and keep Hessle as a great place to live.

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Councillor Dave Cross

Councillor Graham Fordham

photograph of councillor Fordham

I have lived in East Yorkshire all my life and moved to Hessle to be near my son and Grandchildren. I worked as an engineer at BAe Systems in Brough until taking early retirement when I became involved as a lecturer in post 16 education. I believe it is a privilege to live in Hessle and wish to preserve the environment keeping the area clean, safe and prosperous. I have no strong national political views, but believe the local Lib Dems to be the most effective. I was honoured to be elected onto the Town Council in May 2019 and hope to serve the community making improvements to the facilities and ensuring value for money services.

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Councillor Laurence Howe

Cllr Dr Laurence Howe

I have lived in Hessle for the last five years, along with my wife. We grow as much fruit and veg as we can in a suburban garden and I believe that everyone should have the opportunity, should they so wish, to become more self-sufficient and reduce their dependence on imported produce. I am a member of Hessle U3A, an organisation devoted to improving the richness of life to those who have reached the ‘third age’ I serve on the committee of Hessle U3A.

We previously lived in Worcestershire and I remain a member of the Solihull and District branch of the MS Society. With present day on-line facilities, I am able to continue as their newsletter editor. I retired as the traffic scientist at the National Traffic Control Centre in Quinton and we moved to Hessle to be closer to our family.

I am also a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, now rebranded IAM Road Smart. IAM Road Smart promotes safer driving and courtesy and consideration for all road users and I am passionate about making our streets safer for ALL road users, including pedestrians, children and the less able. I am keenly interested in promoting local people to support local trades and services. To that end, I have started a local website, www.hessle.org.uk and would welcome input from local people to expand the website to become something that will be useful to the whole community and of which everyone in Hessle would be proud.

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Councillor Jayne Langdale

Jayne Langdale Smiling Cropped

I have lived in Hessle now for 20 years. I also work in Hessle at the new Bridgehead site, working for Sgsco.

What started off as me setting up a neighbourhood watch group to not just help with crime, but also to improve the area, resulted in members of the parish approaching me to stand for the Town Council. Like I said to them then and I still say now, I like to and will strive to get a job done. Whether that be parking, bins, parks etc. Hessle is a fantastic place to live and I feel privileged to stand for its residents and their thoughts and views.

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Councillor Annie Nolan

Annie Nolan And Rufus Cropped

I worked for Citizens Advice for many years and as a Mid-Wife at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital. I have recently returned to being a mid-wife to help out during the Pandemic. I live with my family in Hessle.

I want to see the Town Council doing more to support the Community.

I am keen to extend the Hessle Town Bus that provides an important service to mainly elderly residents who lack the means to get into town.

I support plans to refurbish and update Hessle Community Centre to make it more useful for local residents and groups.

We also need to see more facilities for young people, especially in East Hessle. I am keen to see play facilities such as a Multi User Games Area on First Lane, like the one on the Recca.

We also need to tackle problems with cars obstructing the footpath and dog-fouling.

I want to continue the hard work of the Hessle Lib Dem Team.

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Email: anniesteel35@gmail.com

Councillor David Nolan

Councillor David Nolan

I live locally in Hessle with my family and run my own market research business here. I have lived in East Yorkshire for over 20 years and was a Liberal Democrat Councillor on Beverley Borough and East Riding for 16 years.

I am opposed to any plans to impose parking charges in Hessle Town Centre as it would undermine our local shops.

Fight to protect the green spaces around Hessle and oppose inappropriate development.

Work to ensure you get value for money from the Hessle Town Council precept.

Work on behalf of all of the residents of Hessle.

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Councillor Viv Padden

Cllr Viv Padden

I have lived in Hessle for thirteen years in total after a brief spell in Bristol. I became involved with Hessle Town Council in order to give residents a voice on all aspects of what it takes to look after their interests in Hessle that matter to them. I am against parking charges, but will strive to sort out the parking problems that are a main contentious issue all over Hessle. I will strive with business to promote their services as an ex business owner myself. I will support my Council colleagues in their desire to keep Hessle and promote it as a wonderful place to live.

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Councillor Austen Potter

Austen Potter Close In

Awaiting Bio

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Councillor Margot Sutton

Cllr Sutton Photo

I have represented Southfield Ward since the 2011 elections. I have lived in the area for over 30 years and am currently the Chair of the Environment & Open Spaces and the Tree Committees. I care a great deal about the local street scene, litter and dog fouling issues and I like to tackle the big issues that concern local people. I have made efforts to help maintain/protect local trees in the Conservation Area and seek to maintain the lovely street scene in the Southfield Area. I have been the Chairman/Mayor of Hessle Town Council in 2015-2017. I am married with a grown up child and am currently fostering a 12 year old child.

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Councillor Charlie Walker

Cllr Charlie Walker

I was born in Hessle and have lived in Hessle all my life. I have five children all grown up now, spent most of my life in the Fire Service until I retired and moved to Hessle High School as a PE teacher and second subject Art, I retired two years ago although I still work at Hessle High now and again if required. I am heavily involved in local children’s youth and adult football with Hessle Sporting Club, I am Life President and Chairman of Sporting and have been involved with the club over 40 years as coach and many other various roles within the club.

I would like to see more facilities for young people in Hessle and I will work and push hard for the youth of Hessle to improve facilities and outside areas for them, the more going on in Hessle for both young and old for me is essential for health, wellbeing and mentality.

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Councillor John Wilding

Cllr John Wilding

My goals are to:

Improve use of social media to keep residents informed.

Improve car parking in Hessle.

Look towards creating a Community Day in Hessle for people to get together to help with a number of items.

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Email: johnwildingeastfield@gmail.com